Saturday, June 23, 2012

always mine

you know them . you know who actually besides with me always . yes , totally was them :* Muhammad Amirul Ahmad , he's the one always stay with me . accompany me until 6am . he knows me well <3 thank you awak :* Muhammad Faiz Sadlan , bestfriend forever . he understand me , always . he know when i was in sad but he try to make me smile again . thank you botak :'* Thaqif Kusaini , Ahassafwan Ahadlin and Muhammad Hamirul Hakimi , they're totally my forever kesayangan . muahh :* hikhik . i'm so grateful for knowing them . takip knows all my story , kimi always keep babbling to me . he's so garang :O haha . safwan always be my advisor . when i'm not enough strong , he'll keep accompany me and keep advicing me . thank you kesayangan , please don't leave me alone :') Azriey Aiman , idk where is he . but i don't care . the best brother ever for me :) he's kind , always make me smile . always make me laughing . sakat me . thank you so much awak :) awak nak tahu , kita rindu awak abang taska . hikhik *blushing* .

p/s : the best ever thing , to have them always in my life . please stay with me no matter what happens . 
i love you <3

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