Tuesday, July 24, 2012

mind your own business

To those hatters,
  whatever you're doin or saying just stop it okay ? stop being so childish . you're big enough for GOD sake so try to act like one . can ? go try to look in the mirror first and see if you're perfect enough to say something bad about people . every human being in this world make mistakes so we people have to advice them instead of go around telling people how bad he/she is . i mean that's not the way . you can just come to me and tell me what' the problem . it so funnayhh how the people who know you the least about , have the most to say . so yeah ? think before you talk . k ? just do your own business . and fyi , sometimes you need to keep someone feelings from getting hurt . no matter how good you are , how many friend that you have , don't be too selfish . i know you're GOOD IN EVERYTHING . haha . you make me fun of it when actually you're not good at all . so please keep remind yourself . remind yourself before react like you're good enuff . k . i'm done :)

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