Monday, July 30, 2012

kesayangan Sofia Said :*

who's wanted to culik her from me ? come and see me . 

Zarith Sofia bt Said . she's mine . forever mine . she knows me well , she knows how to make me feel better . guess what ? its almost one year for knowing her and my love towards her has been increase from day to day :') i love you so much sofia , thanks for always be there for me when i'm in need of you . you treat me well . you love me as much as i love you . you spent much time as i spent for you . thanks sayang :') you make me cry right now . how i wish you're always besides me :'( hugging , kissing you all the time :( i'm not gonna stopped from loving and missing you . much love for you sayang . muahhh :* don't you ever leave me .  stay w me , always .

sincerely ,

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