Monday, March 25, 2013

Lutfi Aiman ;)

Well. Lutfi Aiman bin Abdul Latif. I am officially yours and you're officially mine. Since we met last night. I know I've ruined everyting. I'm crying for someone that shouldn't be. Again. I'm crying infront of you. And you tell me "this is the reason why I want to be with you. I don't want you to get hurts anymore". So yeah, I did asked his forgiveness and he said " you can't just say sorry and expect me to be okay. You ruined the night. And I was not kind of person yang cepat maafkan orang. But when it comes to you, I'm fine with it." Ouchhh. Hati macam kena baling batu I tell you ya know. Hahahaha. You made a very cutest conversation last night, and thanks for made my night! ;) and he bought me iced milo large to pujuk me. Lutfi, you really knows me well. You really know how to comfort me even w your words or your action. Thank you again! :) and teday, he is going back to singapore back. To his reality. And guess what. I made puding roti for him! Haha. Actually, after we had our breakfast together. He should really have to go back to singapore. And yet I did asked him "lambat balik sikit tak boleh, nak buat puding roti untuk lutfi" and he says "okay lah, lutfi tunggu". He is the best man ever! And now he's in singapore. Left me alone here. Haishh ~.~ but he did give me so many advises before he left. "Jaga diri, don't cry anymore. Kalau nak nangis juga, tunggu bulan 4". Always lutfi! I did waiting for you to come this april. Unexpected suprise you've made, you came this weekend. And yet, we just could spent our time for only one night. Haishh. Sorryyyyyy :/ Next time, we spent lama sikit okay ;) At least, we met. Even just for a night, you did so much thing to cheer me up again. Thank you! Thank you sayang! "Shine your way". The second song that you gave to me. You texted me "shine your way, listen to this song. Then you'll know how much I wanted to cheer you up again". I don't really kinda know what kind of this song. And when I'm in process to get into this song. Ya Allah, the lyrics are so meaningful to me! How come you can be the sweetest person in this world? Haha. You know what. You're the sweet-est talker ever I've known. Haha. But lutfi. Thank you for being always w me. But. I don't want to put so much of hopes on you. You know what I've been through. I'm being foolish by a man. Gimme time. Okay? I'm kinda trying now. Well, knowing what. You've been accepted! ;) just stay. Stay forever w me :)

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